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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New World Vultures



 I've seen a lot of pterodactyl type birds while hanging out in my parents backyard over the years. - mostly herons. Although I've never seen a wild stork, amongst my birdwatching research, I discovered these guys to be the raddest.  These things are giant ruthless water vultures! and somehow* landed the identity of being famous for bringing swaddled packages of human babies to us.   In reality these birds would probably be way more delighted to deliver that infant bundle straight back to their own nest for a feast.

 One of my favourite video channels: the Cornell Lab Of Ornithology 
an honourable mention goes out to the screaming Heron defensive live cam vid:

if anyone is interested
*somehow is most likely here

miranda - signing off with every 80s kid's Most Memorable Pterodactyl, Pterri.

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