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Monday, December 12, 2011

More Doodle Collabs!

I Spit On Your Frame

  My friend @AmyFunk and I collabordoodled this one up... more to come.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Sloth Sketch Session

It's Sunday- so before I get ready to watch one of Television's Best Comedies, Dexter, I thought I'd post something sketchy and a little bit slothy

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dexter Season 6: The Poor Man's Fight Club

Dexter Season 6-Stating the Obvious.

I’ve been an active participant in Dexter viewings from the very beginning. It’s been a bountiful source for many jokes and several laughs but something really must be said about the current season, especially after the last episode.

Did a new crew of writers and directors step in and not review the show’s history before coming aboard? This season seems so off from the others, like it’s full of an entirely different cast of characters that have conveniently undergone a transformation only for the sake of each week’s plot advancement. We saw this to a lesser extent in Season Three. Fortunately, Miguel‘s Moustache made up for how painstakingly horrible that was.

Anyway, here are the most offensive elements of this season’s awfulness:

First up, Dexter’s inner monologue. In the past, this device has proven to be one of the comedic highlights of the show. It’s a hilarious mix of puns, disconnected overstatements, and justifications for Dexter’s Dark Passenger.

This season’s collection of inner monologue has been downright abusive to the audience in its assumptions of its stupidity. How else to explain the lack of subtlety and the outright stating of obvious plot points that we have been witness to all along.
Never was this sin more obvious than in Episode 10 when Dexter’s inner voice, while watching Travis talk to himself, explains, “He thinks Gellar is still alive.”
No fucking kidding!

There’s also the frustrating resolution to potential problems through Dexter’s sudden bursts of tard strength. Again we see Dexter in Episode 10 channel Jason Vorhees and merely push open a locked basement to escape without difficulty.

Deb’s incessant whining is tiring but she redeems herself with this line while talking to her psychiatrist, “LaGuerta trying to swing her dick around in the briefing room, I handled that like a champ!”

We’re really missing out on some of the aspects of the show that made it fun to watch in the first place. What happened to Dexter’s Kill Room? I can’t even remember the last time he hooked one up this season.

There is too drama and not enough action that made the show pleasurable to view in the first place. Instead, we get:

  • Emo Deb.
  • Drunk Quinn banging grannies and waking up in sprinklers.
  • Batista’s lines are so limited, my impression of him is lacking material.
  • LaGuerta isn’t spreading herself around the office nearly enough.
  • Lewis has permanent hard on for Dexter.- This guy better do something rad soon, because I’m getting sick of him not doing anything but creaming his pants when Dexter walks in the room.
  • We need way more Masuka!

The whole Travis/Gellar thing is turning this soap opera into the shittiest poor man’s version of Fight Club imaginable.  With only 2 episodes left in the season, Dexter, the character’s redemption, has taken a back seat, to Dexter, the series’ redemption.