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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Peeps Of Jericho

So this post is approximately 6 years too late but Netflix has a great way of raising some forgotten shows from the dead ( or whatever they could scrounge to get rights for) & I have a great tolerance for watching (and sometimes loving) some things that quite possibly should have remained buried.

So there's Jericho.  It's straight outta 2006 and boy does it still feel like it.  I can see why this show didn't make it past it's 23 episodes- This cast is one of the ugliest collection of humans I've seen since Friends. Alright, maybe some of you out there with clouded vision see Skeet Ulrich is a rad dude 'cause he was 'Billy' from Scream.  Well it's time you now know that one of his parents is actually a rabbit and I won't say which one.
Or maybe you could make a case for Major Dad, Gerald McRaney, because he IS the closest thing we have to predicting the future physical state of that hunky duck, Ryan Gosling.

Regardless of Skeet's heritage or Gosling's future, it was fun to draw the characters while I sat through this mess. The first episode had most of the action and a great queezy scene where Jake, Skeeter, resuscitates a little girl by jamming a fistfull of straws down a slit he cuts into her throat.  I'm only as far in as episode 3 which might be enough for me to put Jericho to rest.

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